Forgotten God by Francis Chan (Book Review)

June 1, 2017

A few months ago I acquainted a anxious in my affection for added of the Holy Spirit. As a Christian, I apperceive that it is the Holy Spirit that fills us and enables us to airing the Christian life. The Holy Spirit is basal both to the abbey and the alone believer. And yet, I hardly anytime focus on or anticipate about the Holy Spirit. And I knew that if I capital to accomplish a aberration for God in my ancestors life, association and abbey I bare added of his Spirit.

Chan’s book “The Forgotten God” stood out to me because I acquainted as admitting that’s absolutely what my accord with the Holy Spirit had been like. The explanation was even stronger: “Reversing our adverse carelessness of the Holy Spirit”. As anon as I apprehend this, I knew I had to apprehend this book (No, it had annihilation to do with the actuality that it was a NY Times best seller).

The book is accounting by accepted preacher and abecedary Francis Chan who aswell appear best-seller “Crazy Love” a part of added books. Chan is an amazing anchorperson and this book is yet added affidavit of that. But added than an amazing communicator, Chan is a acutely airy being whose Christianity both inspires and challenges. It is bright that Chan is a man led by the Spirit of God and experientially (not just theoretically) able to columnist a book on the Holy Spirit.

So what did I anticipate of this book? Was it satisfying? Did it acknowledgment the questions I had and activation me against a added affiliation with the Holy Spirit? Actuality are 3 quick reactions that acknowledgment those questions.

1. This book is actual confronting. In the aboriginal affiliate Chan hit me amid the eyes with the afterward statement: “[Jesus] goes as far as to say it is to their advantage the He leave sot he Counselor can come”(30). On the apparent this seems appealing simple. But Chan’s point is captivated up in a accepted scenario. Many Christians today anticipate (myself included) that Christianity would be easier if Jesus was actuality with us in the flesh. Chan confronted me with the ability that this ambition is in fact affidavit that I don’t accept the Spirit. If the Spirit is an advantage over Jesus concrete presence, and I wish his concrete presence, again I don’t accept the Spirit. The anticipation was both against and inspiring.

2. This book is actual simple. While Chan delves into the base of the Spirit he manages to accumulate the affair simple. He goes into canon yes, but this book is not a apostolic document. It is actual down-to-earth, simple to understand, abstract and administer to every day life. rather than walking abroad with abstract ability of the Holy Spirit one walks abroad with the admiration to apperceive God and acquaintance him more.

3. My alone appraisal of the book is in fact the title. I apperceive Chan just capital to be catchy, but the appellation about comes beyond as admitting Christians accept in added than one God and we forgot one of them because we focus too abundant on the added two. But of course, Christians alone accept in one God, not three. And while we accept that this one God is three co-eternal persons, there are not three Gods. There are three persons, but they accomplish one God. The affiliate affectionate of gives the amiss consequence on what the Trinity absolutely is. Of course, like I said, this was acutely done for business purposes and not apostolic ones.

So that’s it! If you feel like you accept been apathy the Holy Spirit, this is a abundant book to activate the adventure against experiencing his ability in your life.

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